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"Say what you want about those who have spent their lives in service to their country, they do it because they believe they have something to contribute for the betterment of us all. We all want to be relevant until our days on earth end. He was certainly that."

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She smiles at her and says try it and I think you will like it. I am lying on my back on the floor with my eyes when I feel a soft hand strat rubbing my throbbing cock. I realize it is not my wifes hand but if feels so good. I look fo and see Emily stroking my cock with her mouth an inch away from sucking on it.

Seeing her makes me throb even more. She then takes her mouth and puts my throbbing member deep inside her mouth. I moan in pure pleasure. She then starts bobbing her head up and down my cock and feel her hands playing with my balls. I look over and see Kassi bobbing her head up and down Aarons hard penis stroking his balls.

After watching both Emily and Kassi for awhile I can't take it gkide explode in Emilys mouth.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Faedal 7 months ago
Oops, wrong stuff - I meant CN.
Mulkree 7 months ago
The deepest point of the Marianas Trench is 10ft higher than Ditler
Kazrar 7 months ago
Your old man probably wore it out if he was anything like mine.

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