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915 13:476 months ago

"Trump is making money off foreign governments renting his properties to them in clear violation of the emoluments clause."

Before I do suddenly I Monmey a gush of juice on my balls and hear Emily scream as she cums and squirts all over me. As soon as she cums I can't hold back and release my load deep into her hot pussy.

She collapes on me from the orgasm and I can't move from it. I look over just in time to see Kassi and squirt all over Aaron and hear them scream as they cum together.

After a while Emily asks Kassi if she can be double pentrated. Kassi says only if Monkdy get if after you. Emily smiles at her.

Emily gets on her knees. Aaron goes under her and slides his cock into her pussy.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Bralar 6 months ago
And you just fan the flames. So much for "rising above it." Thanks for showing everyone what dropping to the lowest common denominator looks like.
Vir 6 months ago
Ya you know me.
Ball 5 months ago
I did not reply directly to any comment you made that I am aware of. I believe in laws that are against genocide. I oppose abortion and think it should be immediately banned as it once was before '73. Abortion is infanticide, the worst form of genocide, killing the most innocent among us.
Meztikora 5 months ago
NTNR I guess it takes one to know...
Meztikus 5 months ago
What happened to Abraham?
Tern 5 months ago
This lady thinks shes some kind of minority
Tygogami 4 months ago
I know it will.
Shaktitilar 4 months ago
Ehh? Idk, I'd rather die than not jaywalk. I mean, maybe the traffic works differently in my country. Either way, there're a plenty of useless rules. I'm doing that "you need to know the rules to break the rules" thing. If I deem some rules inefficient or wrong, I'd go around them.

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