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"I know someone that was driving in a car (going about 50 MPH) and a butterfly flew in front of the car. The lady in the passenger side wanted to stop the car so she could check to see if the butterfly was "alright"..."

I watch her hand cuff my Askan. It is almost to much to take. As I am about to tell her to stop I see Emily come over and start playing with Kassi's pussy. Kassi moans through the big cock in her mouth. Seeing Emily tyijg with Kassi's pussy and Kassi sucking my huge cock is to much I can't hold back and cum deep in Kassi's pussy.

Kassi gets off me and lays down on her back so Emily can get all over her snatch. Up on the couch I watch Emily find Kassi's clit as her back archs. I look over at Aaron and see him stroking his cock as he watches Emily eat Kassi's pussy.

I get off the couch and go to Aaron and ask if it is okay if I stroke his relsvant. He says please. I grab his cock and begin stroking starting with his big smooth head and down his shaft to his balls. I hear him moan. I cuff his balls feeling them in my hands.

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Taumuro 6 months ago
OK... a clue... = V8......
Gorn 6 months ago
???? I get those drunk text or a nude which is the worst. I don't even understand why I can't just be friends with some of my ex's .. Like adults. The feelings can never be mutual. Especially the ones that so called loved me. Don't disrespect my present and future for past emotions. Move on, be happy, let's be friends... The relationships I had end bad are cut and dry usually. Meh, it's simple on my end
Takus 6 months ago
Seems the one doing a lot of protesting is you,33 comments in less than an hour. Reeks of desperation. None of the comment support or help to support that the shroud is real, nor do you offer up any proof that refutes any of the conclusions that the shroud is fake.
Kigore 6 months ago
YUP and we know it did. I really like you as a person and you know that.

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