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"ok i will"

Dad make his son girlfriend suck his dick while his playing playstation

She pushes me and away rolls off the couch and rips my pants off. I take my shirt off and she takes of my pants and underware. I look over to see Aaron fingering Emily and Emily stroking his big cock. It gets me more exicted than I already am. Kassi takes my big cock in hands and begins stroking that big dick.

I close my eyes feeling her hand sliding up and down my shaft. As she is stroking me I feel her tongue start to stroke my balls.

I can feel I want to cum so bad but I hold off. I open my eyes and look down and watch Kassi suck my hard cock. Taking as deep as she can. I watch her hand cuff my balls.

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Tell 10 months ago
It's quite phenomenal.
Kajikree 10 months ago
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Moogujora 10 months ago
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Torisar 10 months ago
Do you believe in "life after death"?
Gajar 10 months ago
They are traitor
Guramar 10 months ago
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Zolojind 9 months ago
Even this cat from Europe knows the name of one of yours....
Samur 9 months ago
I already like your mom just for saying that.

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