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660 05:328 months ago

"No, it's up to the losers to lose with dignity. I blame the ones deliberately slitting 3 month old throats."

I cuff his balls feeling them in my hands. I move from his balls back to the shaft stroking ever so gently. I grab his head and take my fingers across it. I feel his member throb wanting to cum. I place one hand over his head and one on his shaft and begin stroking. Starting slow and working faster.

I feel his cock begin to throb with each stroke and when I feel he is about to cum I slow down. After doing this for a while I look at him and ask if it is okay to suck his cock. He says I thought you would never ask. I take my mouth over the head of his cock.

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Tygokinos 8 months ago
The people you call deplorables everyone else calls winners.
Vihn 7 months ago
Mueller didn't bring the Cohen case, genius.
Telkis 7 months ago
I'm in a pressurised cab, so all good. I meant safely for the vines, not me : - )
Dubar 7 months ago
Who made you the thought police?
Jumi 7 months ago
Pro Well that seems a matter of opinion as well. Some believers capitulate to ancient hearsay and accept that ones matrilineal line is the preferred genealogical line as the Jews do. I am not sure but I think that my DNA results are far more interesting through the male lineage.
Taulabar 7 months ago
I haven't shopped with Target in 8 months. I don't like it much anymore. It was great when I had small kids, now I find the clothes over priced and walmarty. Also the household cleaning and health and beauty are way over priced. The one saving grace is the cheap Champion sneakers. I love them so much. I have to have them to wear around so I can keep my good shoes clean. This guy can ----_ It. He has no bearing on anything political.

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