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716 25:3510 months ago

"In statistics, that?s called ?N = 1.?"

glamtie vol 1 - Scene 1

She says swallow and I do. After I swallow his load I look at Emily and see she is covered in Kassi's cum she got her to squirt. Seeing my throbbing cock again I begin to stroke it.

I look at Kassi and ask how does Emily taste. She looks at me and says try it for your self. Kassi looks at me and says How does Aaron taste and I smile at her and tell her to try it. Emily lies down on the floor on her back and Kassi lies down in front of Aaron on her back. Seeing Emily's wet pussy makes my cock throb even more.

I get down between her legs and I smell her sweet aroma. It smells so good. I take my tongue on the outside of her lips tasting her wet juices. They taste so good. I take my hands and spread apart her lips revealling her nice erect clit. I take my tongue and gently go over her clit.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Zulukazahn 10 months ago
Nahh we shall see.. he will come back lol
Akigal 10 months ago
Are you sure?
Tegami 10 months ago
Yep. Maths for instance has no physical properties, it doesn't interact with the real world. It is in the realm of ideas together with other constructs.
Zugrel 10 months ago
Nah not really feeling like lamb thanks all the same mate.
Yozuru 9 months ago
Now you have lost me. Why don't you just quote a prophecy which has been realised.
Tashicage 9 months ago
I called it off with her. Thank you for looking out for me. I wont let it happen again.

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