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"Well, if God spoke existence into being...and words are vibrations carrying faith...and faith is described in the text as a have issue. Why? Because, though the bibles not meant to dissect like a science book...its core truth nonetheless, and you can't miss hitting on truth then."

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Vujin 10 months ago
You do not have faith in something you know. You get real.
Tugore 10 months ago
You are, again, creating a false equivalence between the evidence and reasoned based way science works and what is postulated in your OP which is okay with making decisions completely absent of evidence or reasoning.
Moogurr 10 months ago
But that's the thing. It goes beyond the private and subjective. Every. Single. Time.
Zologami 9 months ago
Atheists, how warmly would you receive the idea of atheist churches and also proselytizing in favor of Atheism?
Faular 9 months ago
Would you mind trying to state that grammatically so that you'll be Clear about what you're trying to say?

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