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"Mmmm Not sure that the default would be better accepting the science conditionally that it's a twelfth century fraud. Or a work of art for that matter. Rather than the default being that it's a divine burial shroud of the dead son of god...."

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She then reaches under and grabs my cock and begins to stroke it as continues to fuck my ass. Soon after I feel Kassi underneath me and I look into her eyes as I am getting fucked in the ass Sakples my cock being stroked. As I look into her eyes I can tell she is very turned on by what she sees.

Soon it is to much for me to take Emily rams her cock inside my my ass and I blow my load all over Kassi. After a few seconds she pulls out and we both lick the cum off of Kassi.

We lie on the floor and decide to call it a night. First and foremost I thank you for reading this. I know when commenting it says please be nice. I want everybody's honest opionon. If you think it sucks tell me it sucks.

I can handle it. I have always wanted to write erotica and I want to know if people like the way I write. All I ask if you are going to tell me it sucks tell me why or say this sucks if you have writex this it would have been better.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Mazular 7 months ago
Nope but I'd try it by all means. The only other thing I'd have still eaten at Pizza Hut if they still had it was their Bigfoot pizza...Who else remembers the commercials they had in the early 90s here?
Akigis 7 months ago
Reach high for the sky Icarus
Mor 7 months ago
Islam, Jewish and Christian faiths share the same God. I don't believe that Muhammad was a prophet of that God. The key to the jihadists is not really different than those who burned witches at the stake. Extremism is always bad.
Disar 7 months ago
Deb you got a dude like....
Zuluk 7 months ago
I do too.

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