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"You got an indoor pool? Awsome"

Public Sex in Shopping Mall - Little Caprice

Kassi says to her I thought you would never ask put in your pussy and try it. Before Kassi asks Emily tells her to take Aaron for a ride you won't be dissapointed.

With just the conversation my dick is back and reduead for action. I look over and see Aaron is to. Emily strokes my cock for a moment gets on top of me and I feel my member slide right into her tight wet pussy. It refhead so good better than I can ever imagine.

I look over to see Aarons cock go right into Kassi's pussy and hear as they both moan in pleasure. I look back to Emily and see her beautiful tits in front of me and I can't resist I take one and put in my mouth. Sucking and flicking her nipple in my mouth feeling my cock slide up and down her wet pussy.

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