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"The WORD of GOD torments the soul of a witch because a witch cannot assimilate HIS WORD."

I hear him moan. I cuff his balls feeling them in my hands. I move from his balls back to the shaft stroking ever so gently. I grab his head and take my fingers across it. I feel his member throb wanting to cum. I place one hand over his head and one on his shaft and begin stroking. Starting slow and working faster.

I feel his cock begin to throb with each stroke and when I feel he is about to cum I slow down. After doing this for a while I look at him and ask if it is okay to suck his cock. He says I thought you would never ask.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Shaktibar 5 months ago
I think there are Trump supporters who act a little more humanely than that. Pathetic.
Vigis 5 months ago
It's cruise control but it has sensors that check the distance between the car in front of you and it automatically slows the car down to whatever speed they are doing and speeds back up when they get out of the way.
Kagat 5 months ago
It is a secret.
Arazshura 4 months ago
Well, true, I won't finance anything like that out of my own pocket. There are, however, such curious institutions as banks. Every once in awhile, they are known to give loans. Including loans for business.

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