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928 18:388 months ago

"Awwww... I?m on the couch right now though.... missed half the A?s game messin with you ... worth it doe... we won ????????????"


I lay her down on the couch and start kissing her legs starting from the shin and working my way up. I start kissing her inner thighs up to her lips.

As soon as my mouth touches her lips she lets out a moan of pleasure. I can taste her sweet juices on my lips and it is to irrestable I put my tongue right on her clit. Kassi's back arch shoving her cunt right into my mouth. I burry my tongue deeper on her clit flicking it faster and faster.

She lets out a moan that could be heard through the house and grabs the back of my head shoving me as deep as she can in her pussy. She takes her other hand puts it under her shirt and pulls her bra up to play with her huge nipples. While eating her pussy and making it wetter and wetter I reach up and grab her nipple making it erect between my fingers.

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Mutaxe 8 months ago
Ya every president has all his biz partners get houses raided. not Hillary, they sat down for coffee, LoL
Gojas 7 months ago
You?ll find out
Shajora 7 months ago
...looks like Trump will be stayin' 'till ............................2024!
Dagrel 7 months ago
Every woman... you are all amazing and I crush on each and every single one of you. ??????
Tojajora 7 months ago
It's in the writing style.
Sabar 7 months ago
Children that young are not equipped to deal with the complicated business of sexuality. Parents aren't much better, which is why the boy should have been brought to a sympathetic counsellor who is qualified to help young people through their confusion and fear.
Kazile 7 months ago
No, it isn?t. Refusing events vs refusing people. Two different things.

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