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"I know my GOD. I am not a believer. I know HIM by Revelation knowledge. GOD does not favour anyone. Everything is measured out on the seat of Justice."

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I grab his head and take my fingers across it. I feel his member throb wanting to cum. I place one hand over his head and one on his shaft and begin stroking. Starting slow and working faster. I feel his cock begin to throb with each stroke and when I feel he is about to cum I slow down.

After doing this for a while I look at him and ask if it is okay to suck his cock.

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Kigataxe 9 months ago
Sounds to me like Dwayne is a "Black Hebrew Israelite."
Faelkree 9 months ago
No just the democratic party leaders.
Shakat 9 months ago
LOL! And dead people don't vote Democrat either! ???????? Did you entirely miss the recent approval for felons to vote in NY? Dims love felons.
Gardagar 9 months ago
You left our spirit.
Malataxe 8 months ago
Conspiracy, money laundering, etc.
Grogrel 8 months ago
I apologize, I didn't mean YOU...when I said "If you cant handle someone" I was speaking about the person who I would consider a bigot.
Najas 8 months ago
"Why does your right to threaten strangers..."
Maujind 8 months ago
And that?s how you do it ??????... you?ll feel a warm dull ache like you?ve done crunches all day long.

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