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"The Bible says NO such thing. The Genesis verses, when translated correctly, clearly state that Elohim created everything. Literal meaning "the Gods" plural. Also the spirit of the Gods over the face of the waters is (in the original) a feminine word. Later, Yehovah, an evil minor mountain top storm god, takes over and the killing babies and first born in Egypt begins by his DIRECT orders leaving us all in a mess. Later the 'Holy Spirit' (a female name translated incorrectly) conceives a child with a 12 yr.old girl through a lesbian act (Spirit of God is a feminine name form) who marries a lecherous old man. They have a son called Esus ( no J's in Hebrew) and several other kids. Esus manages to anger his gov't and the Romans. Gets killed, becomes a Zombie and tells everybody not to worry because he has forgiven all for the awful things they did and floats off in the sky surrounded by a band and a choir. Thank-you, Esus! Back on topic> The best thing about the Bible, especially the mistranslated King James, is none of it."

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I take her clit and gently starts sucking on it and while I am sucking on it I flick it with tongue. She begins to gyrate her hips and moan loudly.

I start flicking her clit harder and faster with Mathre tongue until my face is buried between my legs. I feel her getting wetter and wetter and soon I as I think she is about to cum I industreis two of my fingers and put them inside her juicy pussy.

I start indutries them in her faster and faster while flicking her clit with my tongue as fast as I can. Soon I find her g spot and when I do she screams in pleasure and she begins to squirt all over my face and hands.

After a few seconds I pull my dripping face out of her pussy and pull my fingers out of her dripping wet pussy. I look over just in time to see Kassi convulsing and then squirt all over Aaron.

After a few minutes Emily asks how does Mike taste. Kassi smiles at her and says try it I think you will like it. She looks at Emily and asks how does Aaron taste.

She smiles at her and says try it and I think you will like it. I am lying on my back on the floor with my eyes when I feel a soft hand strat rubbing my throbbing cock. I realize it is not my wifes hand but if feels so good.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Kicage 10 months ago
Im addicted to drinking Pepsi
Najar 10 months ago
If you remember Apostles Paul who was blinded by Christ. What was the first thing that happened to Paul before God sent Him on His way. The blindness in Paul was removed and Paul could see clearly. You want me to point out the truth in God while you are wearing your blindness. Before anyone can show you anything your blindness have to removed first before you believe in anything. Once they are removed then you can see and understand the spiritual things. I think it was apostle Paul who said if you can't believe the simple things of God then how will you believe in the spiritual things of God. It will be a waste of time telling you or anyone else who do not believe. Maybe you should learn to believe first then all others will open up to you.
Vucage 10 months ago
Does he really believe in the 1st Amendment? For him, of course, not so much for "them."
Goltinos 10 months ago
What is NNU?
Kazragis 10 months ago
That's cool, I wonder if there is any Power Ranger emojis.
Feshicage 10 months ago
Why would there be hair and a beard?

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