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"That would be a toss up between Bill and George."

EBOD-386 Ai Uehara

Sucking and flicking her nipple in my mouth feeling my cock slide up and down her wet pussy. I can feel Emily grab my cock inside her making it tighter.

It feels so good I moan loud with delight. She then begins to fuck me harder and harder. I suck on her tits harder and harder. Soon she is fucking as hard and as xum as she can. I feel my cock throb inside of her and realize I am going to cum.

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JoJoramar 8 months ago
No, it doesn't.
Arataxe 8 months ago
.... LOL you are just so lost, Mark. Not even aware enough to have a conversation.
Kazilrajas 8 months ago
I grew up remembering how my mom would backed me (common in African culture) every morning and engaging in few house chores. I equally remember that we were always frequent in hospital for immunization and other medical check ups
Faegor 7 months ago
My understanding of Christianity is that salvation is only for humans. Satan not being human would not qualify.

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