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"He's taking his sweet time."

BANGBROS - August Ames to Please on Monsters of Cock (mc16000)

Before he does I take my hand and cuff his balls and take his entire cock into mouth. As soon as I do that he explodes in my mouth. After I take his load Emily asks me to look at her and I do.

She says swallow and I do. After I swallow his load I look at Emily and see she is covered in Kassi's cum she got her to squirt. Seeing my throbbing cock again I begin to stroke it.

I look at Kassi and ask how does Emily taste. She looks at me and says try it for your self. Kassi looks at me and says How does Aaron taste and I smile at her and tell her to try it. Emily lies down on the floor on her back and Kassi lies down in front of Aaron on her back.

Seeing Emily's wet pussy makes my cock throb even more. I get down between her legs and I smell her sweet aroma. It smells so good. I take my tongue on the outside of her lips tasting her wet juices.

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Kazrarr 8 months ago
I did open my mind, and I know without trying that one cannot stack bricks to the moon, so there would be no need to try to stack bricks in a lab, to see if it is possible.
Tajind 8 months ago
By "healthy," you mean "confirms your hedomism?" That's not healthy.
Vikazahn 8 months ago
When freedom is a fetish all kinds of bad results and unhappiness can result. So-called personal freedom is greatest where abortion and divorce are highest. That does not make the freedom a false freedom. It does mean that freedom is only sometimes a good thing depending on what it is freedom
Shakajinn 8 months ago
Two younger sisters
Shaktit 8 months ago
"our group of token socialists seem to believe that Vietnam tops the list."
Voodoosar 7 months ago
So far we've only examined one planet for life, and whoa, there is life on the planet. One for one so far, batting 1.000. On now to the billions of planets in this galaxy and then to the billions of galaxies after that. Even if we hit on only one in a million, how many would that be with life?

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