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"Ok, so to recap - Religious people hate atheists for telling them that supernatural stuff doesn't exist. Prominent scientists agree that supernatural stuff doesn't exist, but they are avoiding calling themselves atheist so religious people will continue to listen to them. Ok, so all is well here."

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Yokus 10 months ago
You can think anything you want. You're a perfect example of the obnoxious, arrogant Atheist.
Taumi 10 months ago
Then you will face a ban if it happens again. You have been warned.
Talkis 10 months ago
Are you kidding me?
Gurr 10 months ago
Since this was a "gun free zone", the only guy who was armed... was the crazy one.
Goltisar 10 months ago
Yes. If he had half a brain he'd stop tweeting and would listen to advisors.
Jucage 9 months ago
It does mean that you should stop dehumanizing trans people, as an excuse to treat them like second-class citizens.
Taull 9 months ago
Life didnt originate on any continents, life originated on pangea, the land mass that predates continents.

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