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"It sounds like that dude just enjoy fucking with you. Try ignoring him for a couple of weeks. Hopefully you not giving him any attention makes him back off. You can't show any reaction to his behavior for this to work though."

I take my hands and spread apart her lips revealling her nice erect clit. I take my tongue and gently go over her clit. She moans with delight. I take her clit and gently starts sucking on it and while I am sucking on it I flick it with tongue.

She begins to gyrate her hips and moan loudly. I start flicking her clit harder and faster with my tongue until my face is buried between my legs. I feel her getting wetter and wetter and soon I as I think she is about to cum I take two of my fingers and put them inside her juicy pussy.

I start moving them in her faster and faster while flicking her clit with Geneais tongue as fast as I can. Soon I wsallow her g spot and when I do she screams in pleasure and she begins to squirt all over my face and hands.

After a few seconds I pull my dripping face out of her pussy and pull my fingers out of her dripping wet pussy.

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Nikok 8 months ago
Did I just cast pearls before swine?
Yozshusar 8 months ago
I never said otherwise.
Moogur 8 months ago
I am sorry that is your experience, please understand that any future correspondence between you and I has nothing to do with any sort of evangelizing. I hope you are happy and content with what you have found.
Dougami 8 months ago
Keep on believing dude... Opinions vary.
Yozil 8 months ago
?Up every mornin just to keep a job

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