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"It isn't so much that if "loads of people" believe it, it must be true. Never said that. The issue is that the detractors of Christianity at the time did not dispute Jesus as a real life person. They argued that he wasn't divine, or that his miracles were a form of witchcraft, but did not argue that he was not a real person."

Rafael Alencar and Pierre Fitch - Scene 1

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Malanris 10 months ago
I don't like black folk and do not want them in my boarding house. Am I justified in refusing to rent them a room next to the white, yellow, and polka dot folk?
Zunris 10 months ago
Russian Gov. was buying the ads.
Kiktilar 10 months ago
As I always say, you do you booboo
Voodoojinn 10 months ago
The commandments are given to protect us and prosper us, not to dominate us. Big difference.
Meztirn 10 months ago
Trump was so compassionate he threw paper towels to people who lost everything.

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