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"Well if you're an American, you don't know wtf justice is,-what do you call an "unindicted co-conspirator"??"

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Kajibar 9 months ago
And yet you consider the canonical gospels historical despite their having been written decades after Jesus' death? Please.
Aranos 9 months ago
I wonder if Trump will speak about Senator John McCain who died today? I will light a candle for him.??
Ter 8 months ago
Thick headed dude will never change so there's no reason
Kagahn 8 months ago
Which crimes were those, Jim? And if she's found guilty, she should be locked up. No double standard.
Shacage 8 months ago
Not surprised, far too many millennials don't care or simply CAN'T read....what a pity.....
Dot 8 months ago
Couple weeks and I?ll be fine. Our pool season doesn?t really start out here until October lol.
Mazujar 7 months ago
I never read the instructions.??
Nikok 7 months ago
So, according to your statistics, if there are 3 people in a room, a boyfriend, girlfriend and a male illegal alien, the boyfriend would pose a bigger threat to the girlfriend than the illegal alien.
Tejora 7 months ago
Russian $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ via the NRA.

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