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"I did and you??"

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I can hear her moaning and screaming in pleause. She then fucks my ass fast and hard and I hear her scream as she cums. She then reaches under and grabs my cock and begins to stroke it as continues to fuck my ass.

Soon after I feel Kassi underneath me and I look into her eyes as I am getting fucked in the ass with my cock being stroked. As I look into her eyes I can tell she is very turned on by what she sees. Soon it is to much for me to take Emily rams her cock inside my my ass and I blow my load all over Kassi.

After a few seconds she pulls out and we both lick the cum off of Kassi. We lie on the floor and decide to call it a night. First and foremost I thank you for reading this. I know when commenting it says please be nice. I want everybody's honest opionon. If you think it sucks tell me it sucks.

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Meziktilar 10 months ago
How so? The people who inevitably want war never provide funding for troops either during the war (Rumsfeld acknowledging that we go to war with military we have, even if they are not properly supplied) or after. (The VA has never been properly funded, even after Bush?s wars when so many troops came back with survivable but devastating injuries.) What has trump done to support the military besides empty promises?
Dunris 10 months ago
Oh cool...watcha gonna do for your day off?
Kimi 10 months ago
Where we differ, is you make multiple mistakes & don't man up. You'll never get it.
Mezimi 10 months ago
Sounds like the man in the WH who sits in front of a wall of TV screens all day watching for mention of his name and occasionally tweeting crazy sh*t.

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