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The couple we would invite over would be Aaron and Emily. To set the mood I would have Kassi in a low cut shirt showing off her DD tits, and a skit with no panties. We would serve dinner. After eating we would go to the living room to play some games. We would decide to play poker.

While we are playing poker I would go ahead and serve some drinks.

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Dokazahn 10 months ago
it was my way of saying our degenerate congresscritters, and the stiffs in the courts, as well as the sycophants in the WH are horrible bosses.
Mukree 10 months ago
I was told that?s not natural.
Shanris 10 months ago
Many. Be patient. Mueller is working up the list for you.
Tukasa 10 months ago
The fourth horse does not get shit. Trump is way above that horse
Mikazuru 10 months ago
"what was the cause and who are what created the cause?"

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