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750 07:406 months ago

"Only the ones who are crooks and shysters. Thankfully, there hasn?t been many."

I open my eyes and look down and watch Kassi suck my hard cock. Taking as deep as she can. I watch her hand cuff my balls. It is almost to much to take. As I am about to tell her to stop I see Emily come over and start playing with Kassi's pussy.

Kassi moans through the big cock in her mouth. Seeing Emily playing with Kassi's pussy and Kassi sucking my huge cock is to much I can't hold back and cum deep in Kassi's pussy. Kassi gets off me and lays down on her back so Emily can get all over her snatch. Up on the couch I watch Emily find Kassi's clit as her back archs.

I look over at Aaron and see him stroking his cock as he watches Emily eat Kassi's pussy. I get off the couch and go to Aaron and ask if it is okay if I stroke his cock.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Voodoozragore 6 months ago
I have a tablet too now so I can do emojis now??
Masho 6 months ago
if he is subpoenaed - he should plead the 5th without hesitation.
Malabar 6 months ago
Edward Scissor Hands?
Gole 6 months ago
Funny he allowed us to go to the moon, then. . . .
Zulubar 5 months ago
Omg u guys send me the same gif lol
Voodook 5 months ago
Cash in while you can target. The inevitable downward trend has pulled in to the driveway.

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