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356 12:2110 months ago

"?? you are the master"

It gets me more exicted than I already am. Kassi takes my big cock in hands and begins stroking that big dick.

I close my eyes feeling her hand sliding up and down my shaft. As she is stroking me I feel her tongue start to stroke my balls. I can feel I want to cum so bad but I hold off. I open my eyes and look down and watch Kassi suck my hard cock. Taking as deep as she can.

I watch her hand cuff my balls. It is almost to much to take. As I am about to tell her to stop I see Emily come over and start playing with Kassi's pussy. Kassi moans through the big cock in her mouth.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Shaktikora 10 months ago
Ok I see so in cultures where sex is taboo is seven taboo also??
Naramar 10 months ago
Nope. Theocracies don't interest me much, that's why you'd fit in though. Guess that went over you're head. Bet that happens a lot....
Zulkirg 10 months ago
You shold wolk on this road
Jusida 10 months ago
Yeah a couple of times
Kajile 10 months ago
Yes, she's "irrational", because you can't lose gracefully.
Mokus 9 months ago
I have yet to see logic from you.
Kigami 9 months ago
From Merriam Webster, "Burden of Proof, the duty of proving a disputed assertion or charge." Nothing about law.
Nikogami 9 months ago
That's difficult to believe, you sound just like them.

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