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Slowly my cock slides into her ass until my entire is in her ass. I feel Aarons cock inside her it feels so good it can't be described. Feeling my cock and Aaron's cock working together.

Soon we both begin to move faster and faster and hear Emily moan louder and louder as she is completely in pleasure.

I see Kassi get on top of Aaron and begins to ride his face as she sucks Emily's big tits. Soon me and Aaron are moving faster and harder and Emily screams as she cums all over me and Aaron. I feel Aaron start pumping his liquid into her pussy and I can't take it and pump mine into her ass.

It was the best orgasm I have ever had feeling another cock rub against mine inside a woman. After lying down for a few moments I hear Kassi say it is my turn. Kassi gets on her knees and starts sucking my member soon I am ready for action.

I see Emily do the same to Aaron. Kassi then slides my cock deep inside her tight little pussy and I begin to fuck her.

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Kazinris 10 months ago
I expect he would.
Mikagami 10 months ago
You don?t have a crush on me?
Dugar 10 months ago
I just had pizza!
Gardazragore 10 months ago
These losers and their book.
Mashura 10 months ago
Was George Washington God?
Yojin 9 months ago
Bruja!!! I was ready to shoot want ever broke my 21 foot comfort zone. I thought at one point it was my dudes farkin with me. I emptied my flask of JD ??????
Nazshura 9 months ago
And i wouldn't want to keep a woman waiting

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