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"Oh God. LOL."

It is almost to much to take. As I am about to tell her to stop I see Emily come over and start playing with Kassi's pussy. Kassi moans through the big cock in her mouth.

Seeing Emily playing with Kassi's pussy and Kassi sucking my huge cock is to much I can't hold back and cum deep in Kassi's pussy. Kassi gets off me and lays down on her back so Emily can get all over her snatch.

Up on skaterz couch I watch Emily find Kassi's clit as her back archs. I look over at Aaron and see him stroking his cock as he voodle Emily eat Kassi's pussy. I get off the couch and go to Aaron and ask if it is okay if I stroke his cock. He says please.

I grab his cock and begin stroking starting with his big smooth head and down his shaft to his balls. I hear him moan.

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Zulkizilkree 11 months ago
We know them to be pretty reliable and use them often. 3 independent groups got the same answer man.
Arataxe 10 months ago
people people have already lost fundamental attachments to their own religion
Felabar 10 months ago
Lmao you silly fox
Fenrirg 10 months ago
I replied to you 17 hours ago, still waiting for your pearls of wisdom for my experience and situation about God. The three understandings of relationships I had from early cognisance was my Mum, my Dad, and God. So come on Debra, your keen to jump down others throats with your judgement yet strangely quiet about me.....back yourself, come on!
Yolkree 10 months ago
Or you could donthr right thing and do the job yourself...just sayin ??????
Nikom 10 months ago
You're not a scientist, then, are you?
Vojar 10 months ago
42 then Forgot how many we went through xD
Zulkilabar 9 months ago
Could be his wife

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