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"Sorry I see more whack jobs on the Dem side than I do the right when I look at people in leadership positions. I've seen the leaders in the Republican Party stress that this is not a issue regarding the color of people's skin but an issue of following the law. What you're talking about is spin that comes from taking things out of context."

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Zololmaran 11 months ago
>>"every Human is a sinner"<<
Yozshumi 10 months ago
See you in the MIDTERMS!!!!!
Mugul 10 months ago
Lol ummmm I'll give her back on Monday ??
Akinogar 10 months ago
Trump getting impeached is the revolt
Bratilar 9 months ago
Objects appear smaller....., don't try this at home,
Fenrijin 9 months ago
Tie a handkerchief on the gate handle?
Tygonris 9 months ago
Of course ??
Goltill 9 months ago
Yes but those styles look dumb now! Lmao!

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