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"Ok I get it now."

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After a while he grabs the back of my head and starts pushing my head down on his cock as he gets more excited. I keep going faster and faster and soon his hips begin to gyrate with the motion of my mouth. I hear him moaning louder and louder.

Suddenly I feel his cock start to really throb and I know he is ready to blow his senssitive. Before he does Sensitivr take my hand and cuff his balls and take his entire cock into mouth.

As soon as I do that he explodes in my mouth. After I take his load Emily asks me to look at her and I do. She says swallow and I do. After I swallow his load I look at Emily and see she is covered in Kassi's cum she got her to squirt.

Seeing my throbbing cock again I begin to stroke it. I look at Kassi and ask how does Emily taste.

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Mobei 8 months ago
Wait a minute! Jesus was also involved in the creation events themselves?! I thought it was only god. I think we're gonna need a Bible scholar in here to sort this out!
Vudohn 8 months ago
My best friend Jared loves those two as well
Vujar 8 months ago
You are evading my point. First off, I am not talking about birds.
Kazragor 8 months ago
I'm still a wait-n-see.
Majinn 7 months ago
You need a hug
Voodooktilar 7 months ago
Your welcome sweetie
Grorg 7 months ago
And still they have the majority in Washington. How stupid does that make you?

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