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"Cool gif! ??"


Seeing her makes me throb even more. She then takes her mouth and puts my throbbing member deep inside her mouth. I moan in pure pleasure.

She then starts bobbing her head up and down my cock and feel her hands playing with my balls. I look over and see Kassi bobbing her head up and down Aarons hard penis stroking his balls.

After watching both Emily and Kassi for awhile I can't take it and explode in Emilys mouth. At the same time I moan I her Aaron cum in Kassi's mouth. I watch as Emily takes every last drop and see her smile after she swallows the load. After recooping for awhile I hear Emily ask how does Mike feel inside your pussy.

Kassi says to her I thought you would never ask put in your pussy and try it. Before Kassi asks Emily tells her to take Aaron for a ride you won't be dissapointed. With just the conversation my dick is back and ready for action.

I look over and see Aaron is to.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Vudogami 8 months ago
Yes I did. I saw no lynchings, it's your claim so back it up with a clear case of lynching.
Gardaramar 8 months ago
True "Enuf". The liberalites are showing their collective butt hurting.
Voodoojin 8 months ago
A supposition for which you have ZERO evidence. Very strange, when you were just speaking about how evidence is necessary up above...
Moogurr 8 months ago
Yes, the guy can't keep his pants on and he is considered 'sent by God.'
Mazragore 8 months ago
You need a girls night out. Do you have any friends that can do that if you can find a babysitter?
Kazikus 8 months ago
is that a serious response?
Mugis 8 months ago
I can give an example. When I had my 'Bad Night' I was LifeFlighted to UTMB-Galveston. One of my friends came to sit with me from 250 miles away. My other Friend travelled 1500 miles to make arrangements for my wife and to stand with my 4 little girls as they buried thier Mom. THAT is Friendship!
Morn 7 months ago
Your insults are unwanted and unjustified.
Brakinos 7 months ago
It did not indicate anything in support of your claims.

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