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"Anthropogenic Global Warming."

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Soon me and Aaron are moving faster and harder and Emily screams as she cums all over me and Aaron.

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Tubei 8 months ago
Now that is an over generalization. I heard many people after 9/11 wanting to nuke entire Islamic nations. Those people are still around. They are enemies of Islam and Islamic people.
Fauzragore 8 months ago
Trump should use the Jimmy Hendrix version of the star spangled banner.
Grot 8 months ago
Then since your claim is that a Creator is not needed, and science cannot support that claim, your claim is rendered unscientific on its face.
Kazrajin 8 months ago
It's not romantic, it's called SCOTUS!! Supreme Court Of The United States, for those of you in Rio Linda California!!!
Taumuro 7 months ago
Cool dude, I will just keep believing things for good reasons, based on real demonstrable evidence and you can keep acting as if you are the sole emissary of a god!
Negor 7 months ago
Even the citrus flavored carbonated beverage?
Kazrashicage 7 months ago
No, you're still sane.??
JoJobei 7 months ago
The Cambrian explosion lasted for 20-25 million years. The bible is a collection of myth and folk tales, no more.

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