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"I haven?t seen Flash or Arrow. I?m going to start Better Call Saul or Narcos nexts. I got through one season of Narcos."

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I know when commenting it says please be nice. I want everybody's honest opionon. If you think it sucks tell me it sucks. I can handle it. I have always wanted to write erotica and I want to know if people like the way I write.

All I ask if you are going to tell me it sucks tell me why or say this sucks if you have done this it would have been better. I want to good and make something everyone M enjoy reading so constructive critism is always a plus.

I hope you have enjoyed and again thank you.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Kigabei 5 months ago
Quite the socialite
Shar 5 months ago
We have the best incentive, to work for a better life. Employers can even help facilitate this. Our current system just mixes them in with criminals and thus far we are not willing to separate the two, and you can see that from both sides.
Faugor 5 months ago
Hmmmmmmm ish good but it has a fee plotholes.... Ill see if it'll fit in when I start it back up again
Mikajar 4 months ago
Oh hells bells!! lol
Yozshuramar 4 months ago
It's almost as bad to blame this on gun owners as to blame it on gun free zones. He was a murderer who thought winning was more important than conduct. Those are problems caused by the fetishization of gun culture and our current "role models."

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