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"God wins the bet but Job loses every thing he cared about and god think giving him strange new stuff makes up for it? And instead of admitting it was all to win a bet god says "It's above your security level" I'm sure Job could fathom the idea of a bet..."

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I feel Aaron's huge cock release it's load and it is to much for me to handle and I cum all inside Kassi's juicy wet pussy. As we are cumming I feel Emily start to convulse and she then screams and squirts all over my face.

We all fall on the floor. Just when I am about ready to call it a night Emily says She has always wanted to fuck a guy in the ass. I look at her and say you don't have to wish anymore. Kassi gets up and grabs both of her strapons and brings them out.

I get on my knees. Kassi put the strap on Emily and lubes it up she then lubes up my asshole. I feel Emily grab my butt cheecks and slowly she slides the cock up my ass.

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Naktilar 10 months ago
Yes, you are wrong.
Sharg 10 months ago
The correct number is 48 to 46 for Clinton. If the exaggerated numbers you suggest were true, she probably would've won the electoral college as well. You know, the part that matters. The part that has been key in the Presidential election process since our nation's founding. Maybe she should've geared her efforts towards winning that part of the race. Her husband used to be President. He should've told how to play the game.
Merisar 10 months ago
Free trade is a wonderful thing so long as the other side is playing ball. If they're not, and they've got tariffs, and subsidies and dumping practices, that free trade.. isn't, and your country is getting screwed.

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