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Moogurg 6 months ago
Just being me??
Bashicage 6 months ago
"Trump is on pace to sign more executive orders than any president in the last 50 years"
Mele 6 months ago
You're speaking of a group intelligence in much that same way that we have. However all of those are from the branch of animals. Plants, fungi and the largest segment of life; bacteria have no need for this type of sentience. Furthermore; if all of life was destroyed; the Universe would still exist.
Zulkiktilar 6 months ago
EW. Perhaps the analytical person tries to understand the science facts more, along with technology and engineering which now seems in vogue.
Malajar 5 months ago
Thank you for this, but I feel you are missing the essential point and lauding a group of people who I am already sold on. Like you I am aware of the genius of some and like you I too have the friends and indeed went to a school with a "Jewish" house. Like Christians, the vast majority are ordinary folk who rub along to get along.
Akinole 5 months ago
No, i am not from any religion. Neither is this a theology, but the knowledge of the Son of GOD, knowledge of the Celestial Heavens World Eden, knowledge of the Celestial anatomy of Man, and knowledge of the unalterable blueprint of the plan of salvation.
Mazusida 5 months ago
Anytime, glad I could help
Voodoozshura 5 months ago
As a Christian I accept speciation but the idea a monkey can become a man or a land animal can become a whale is in my opinion a whale of a story. The only scientific portion of evolution is speciation and adaptation. Everything else you take by faith so I would not call it science and imposing "Darwin of the gaps" theory on bones and genetics is just storytelling.
Mudal 4 months ago
or perhaps we have but to look at the multi-million dollar mega churches

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