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"That's not the Christian concept of hell. Souls definitely exist in hell -- they do not cease to exist."

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We would serve dinner. After eating we would go to the living room to play some games. We would decide to play poker. While we are playing poker I would go ahead and serve some drinks. After talking lesierly I would bring up the subject of doing sexual things in front of them.

They agree that they would love to watch. I go over to my wife and begin kissing her neck from the front to the back. Ever so gently. I can hear her start to moan a little with each kiss. I can feel her body temperture start to rise. I take my hand and go over her cheek, down her neck, across her beautiful tits.

She reaches over and puts her hands under my shirt and starts playing with my nipples. We begin to kiss and soon my tongue is in her mouth and I can feel her tongue in my mouth. My cock is hard and feels like it is ready to burst.

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Sabar 10 months ago
The exact second any of you give a sh** about the tens of thousands of Americans massacred in an orgy of gun violence fueled by the avarice of firearms manufacturers.
Gokazahn 10 months ago
1. It is. You've...seen atheist societies, right? NAZI Germany? Stalin's Russia? Not much peace, there...
Akigami 10 months ago
We see speciation in the lab and in the field. This is what happens when you get your "sciency" sounding information from creationist websites. It's a sign of intellectual dishonesty.
Malacage 10 months ago
I've read the information at the link and also know the
Yot 10 months ago
I condemn them like everyone else. You're pretending I'm not, because you want me to avoid intellectualizing a bit about the subcultures these priests are referring to.
Gojin 9 months ago
You'd complain if DJT said nothing, as well. No pleasing some people.
Yotaxe 9 months ago
Can you name another law that you get even one tenth as passionate about?
Tolmaran 9 months ago
It's kind of like voting for Trump and you can see it here. If you question the "consensus" you are ridiculed. It's the left's way of silencing opposition.

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