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899 23:097 months ago

"Heck yeah they do!"

the best dogging film i have seen

Emily strokes my cock for a moment gets on top of me and I feel my member slide right into her tight wet pussy. It feels so good better than I can ever imagine.

I look over to see Aarons cock go right into Kassi's pussy and hear as they both moan in pleasure. I look back to Emily and see her beautiful tits in front of me and I can't resist I take one and put in my mouth.

Sucking and flicking her nipple in my mouth feeling my cock slide up and down her wet pussy. I can feel Emily grab my cock inside her making it tighter.

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Zulkikree 7 months ago
Holy crap why would they be so mean
Moogugor 7 months ago
So when I asked you to demonstrate examples of ID proponents who were not Christians, you tell me about the Christian creation myth?
Sharn 7 months ago
Not at all. She merely said that Christianity or any other religion should not influence secular law. No hypocrisy there.
Vikree 6 months ago
Come on.... I want to see.
Feshura 6 months ago
so you want to be know as the party of gays and blacks??
Vuktilar 6 months ago
Actually yes, many were in fact defending Al.
Groshura 6 months ago
Oh, that's right. He was not born in the US.

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