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"The KJV went under word spelling and printing errors being corrected. The 1611 has never been ?revised?. The Aleph, or Sinaticus, which was written in Classical Greek and not Koine, has been proven to be a corrupted mss. Do you know what the word corrupted means in translation protocol? The men that were chosen to translate the AV/KJV were the finest translators in the realm, coming out of the Renaissance age. All were proficient in Hebrew, Chaldean, Koine Greek, Classical Greek, Latin, the Germanic language foundation, French, Dutch and at least efficient in many others."

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Yozshudal 9 months ago
You can prove that Republican groups were not targeted by the IRS? Do you have the servers that they destroyed? Why did Obama lie about when he found out about it? Why did he lie practically every time that he was asked the ? when did you find out ?? Question. Please don?t tlbityer with the nonsense about liberal groups being targeted, that?s been debunked.
Kajinos 9 months ago
It was paid using funds from taxpayers in texas apparently.
Tosida 9 months ago
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