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"I get it! You're getting that thought from politically correct psychologists. Psychopath is a medical term, it's what ought to be used."

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I hear him moaning louder and louder. Suddenly I feel his cock start to really throb and I know he is ready to blow his load. Before he does I take my hand and cuff his balls and take his entire cock into mouth.

As soon as I do that he explodes in my mouth. After I take his load Emily asks me to look at her and I do. She says swallow and I do. After I swallow his load I look at Emily and see she is covered in Kassi's cum she got her to squirt. Seeing my throbbing cock again I begin to stroke it.

I look at Kassi and ask how does Emily taste. She looks at me and says try it for your self. Kassi looks at me and says How does Aaron taste and I smile at her and tell her to try it.

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Yozshutaur 10 months ago
The Old Testament predicted a Messiah of the tribe of Judah, of the line of David.
Tojalrajas 10 months ago
Haha,rivialry aside,nice wheels mate,think i've said before,it's the reward from hard honest work.Enjoy.!!!
Akizahn 10 months ago
Kill them all and burn the bodies, winter is coming!!
Samur 10 months ago
Among neofascists and KKK crowd.
Akinoshakar 9 months ago
The Bible isn't an entity to make such claims. It is a collection of experiences of people from generations ago.
Kazijar 9 months ago
what's that u say? 'good moral Christian family values".... it has a nasty ring to it, almost intimidating I ppl like u scare me!
Vishakar 9 months ago
First of all, we know the god of the bible isn't real because a universal god that is the creator of all mankind wouldn't choose a chosen tribe of humans as his favored ones.

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