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""A negative claim is a colloquialism for an affirmative claim that asserts the non-existence or exclusion of something.[9] Claiming that it is impossible to prove a negative is a pseudologic, because there are many proofs that substantiate negative claims in mathematics, science, and economics, including Arrow's impossibility theorem. There can be multiple claims within a debate. Nevertheless, whoever makes a claim carries the burden of proof regardless of positive or negative content in the claim."


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Kami 4 months ago
Lol same as u
Mizragore 4 months ago
I was lucky I think... :-))
Golticage 4 months ago
You dodge, you squirm, you evade, you twist -- anything but deal with my argument.
Taran 4 months ago
If that?s the best you have, you are truly a trump supporter.

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