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855 06:3710 months ago

"right.. impeach clinton, impeach trump... yup - i can see how they are not comparable... /s"

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Volkis 10 months ago
Evidence? LOL, you are definitely asking the wrong science-denying troll by asking for evidence. He has analyzed the data from YouTube and has made an expert opinion that it is all Satan's lies.
Doulrajas 10 months ago
Kelly, what you desperately need to learn is that believers in God's Word take time out of their [our] lives to correct [as well as we can] other believers whom have been either misguided or have not learned certain truths from the Word. That is in no way "hate."I hasten to add that not every believer has reached the same level of maturity in their knowledge of the Word. Apostle Paul famously urged Timothy to:
Juran 10 months ago
Clearly you don't, as that isn't what I did.
Taugul 10 months ago
Your statement was nonsense and doesn't stand at all.
Yolmaran 9 months ago
That's funny. By the way there isn't an LCA. I have done my homework.
Akinodal 9 months ago
Rdti What is this, as one on the Autistic Spectrum I was one of the special needs people, I think. I do not consider neediness ?special? I consider us different, we are all different .
Dosho 9 months ago
Well, it isn?t true, and is a talking point generally used by WS people.

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