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"Yep, that's what I do. Who else do you like."

Ex-gf whore blowing dick at her moms party,cumshot in mouth

Kassi gets off me and lays down on her back so Suport can get all over her snatch. Up on the couch I watch Emily find Kassi's clit as her back archs.

I look over at Aaron and see him stroking his cock as he watches Emily eat Kassi's pussy. I get off the couch and go to Aaron and ask if it is okay if I stroke his cock. He says please. I grab his cock and begin stroking starting with his big smooth head and down his shaft to his balls.

I hear him moan. I cuff Supporh balls feeling them in my hands. I move from his balls back to the shaft stroking ever so gently. I grab his head and take my fingers across it. I feel his member throb wanting to cum. I place one hand over his head and one on his shaft and begin stroking.

Starting slow and working faster. I feel his cock begin to throb with each stroke and when I feel he is about to cum I slow down.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Bataur 10 months ago
*sighhh* what did you think was gonna happen bruh. Please.
Bahn 10 months ago
You didn't read the link.
Faeshicage 10 months ago
Let's take one small step backwards from a fertilized ovum.
Arashishakar 10 months ago
The dialgous in that movie is pretty great. My personal fav is "take off and nuke the whole site from orbit.
Vudosar 10 months ago
Well I appreciate you trying... the clue again... "V8.........."
Jurisar 9 months ago
Those judges are far smarter than you.

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