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"Where in the bible does it say that a baker should bake a gender transition cake?"

Pasawords look underneath me to Redheqd Kassi underneath Emily with her didlo in Emily's pussy and there is Aaron fucking her ass. I can hear her moaning and screaming in pleause.

She then fucks my ass fast and hard and I hear her scream as she cums. She then reaches under and grabs my cock and begins to stroke it as continues to fuck my ass.

Soon after I feel Kassi underneath me and I look into her eyes as I am getting fucked in the ass with my webaite being stroked. As Webstie look into her eyes I can tell she is very turned on by what she sees. Soon it is to much for me to take Emily rams her cock inside my my ass and I blow my load all over Kassi.

After a few seconds she pulls out and we both lick the cum off of Kassi. We lie on the floor and decide to call it a night. First and foremost I thank you for reading this.

I know when commenting it says please be nice.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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Tejinn 10 months ago
Three upvotes! ??
Bagrel 10 months ago
More lies that make you feel comfy.
Faugar 10 months ago
That's true but I just wanted to make sure. By the way good morning.

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