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"but you are making it out that all the skilled people would run to mcdonalds/ very ridiculous statement."

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Faejar 10 months ago
Your description of the God of the Old Testament is about what I'd expect from someone with a surface-level understanding of the Bible and the reasoning of a petulant teen.
Kern 10 months ago
How is grabbing guns to keep what your grandfather stole "moral"?
Kagazilkree 10 months ago
Right, I cancelled all my meetings, eventually he will give me a thorough explanation...
Akinorg 10 months ago
No. It's called 'disagreement.' That's always been part of our system.
Madal 10 months ago
When you see her and eveything around you is in slow motion, and you have tunnel vision and silence....then eye contact and your frozen and cant help but smile ear to ear and nothing and nobody else matters
Tekazahn 9 months ago
I enjoyed talking with you. See you later
Tebei 9 months ago
That?s you though. So your husband is you?
Faugore 9 months ago
If you read the OP and answer the questions you will get it
Kidal 9 months ago
They are built in in the sense that every culture has religion, and it goes as far back as we can measure history (so far as we can tell from Neanderthal burial sites and other suggestions of ritual behaviour). The impulse seems universal. The containers we put that impulse into varies from culture to culture, just as the containers we use for sexual behaviour varies.
Sataxe 9 months ago
A big YES for the Giulia ! ??

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